Support small businesses that participate in their respective communities!

We provide products that contribute to the well being of our customers and do not include harmful chemicals or toxins. Everything on our site has been carefully curated to create a high-quality collection with a significant contingent of small business participation.


Some cliir partners obtain industry certifications that recognize the quality of their products (such as the USDA Organic certification), and others do not. While we don't require certifications in order to partner with us, we delve into our partners' operations and product ingredients before accepting them into our family. 


You will see a few larger businesses sprinkled throughout this program because they are consistent with cliir standards and have authentically sustainable or non-toxic products and a lesser impact on the environment. 


Learn more about these small businesses by clicking on a shop! You will find their stories, information about business practices, individual shipping and return policies, and links to great products!  


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