Cliir provides high-quality, natural products from artisan-made to leading brands. All products adhere to our standards and do not contain harmful chemicals or toxins. We look to the Environmental Working Group's (US non-profit dedicated to protecting human health and the environment) research when assessing products. 

healthy shouldn't be hard.  

We got started because healthy was hard - - from seeking out products to interpreting ingredients. The leading brands we wanted weren't available at most stores and it was hard to tell what ingredients were harmful when we found them. Not to mention we continually found amazing small businesses with natural products at farmers markets and artisanal fairs but their products were that were hard to find otherwise. Cliir curates natural products to make high-quality items convenient and accessible without worry about reading labels or running to the store. We believe these products should be available to all. To that end, cliir gives back to causes that support those in need. Let us know how we're doing!


We also support buying groups and CSA’s (community supported agriculture).  Contact us for more information.